A snowy weekend at the Palisades!

This weekend’s campout to Camp Alpine in the Palisades of New Jersey was a wild one!  It snowed ALL DAY Saturday.  We took a tough, snowy (and awesome) five mile hike through Palisades Interstate Park, found a castle, uncollapsed a few snow covered tents, and huddled around the fire until the embers were pretty much all out.

Proud of the nine guys on this one, no one will ever forget it!

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Oh, and we found Devil’s Tower.

Monmouth Battlefield

Our November campout to Monmouth Battlefield and Allaire State Park was a cool time!  Well, a cold time as we hit 26 degrees Friday night… and its not even December yet!

Saturday, we did a five mile hike around this battlefield, site of the largest battle in New Jersey history, and one of George Washington’s greatest victories.  We then went back to the campsite, where the Scouts had dinner, campfires, smores, and, of course, grass flavored soda.

Why does this exist?

Sunday, we packed up, then explored the old iron town of Allaire.  Great trip!

Next month?  We venture to the far North of North Jersey at the Pallisades, where we will hunt for a castle.

Trip pictures can be found here!