Monmouth Battlefield

Our November campout to Monmouth Battlefield and Allaire State Park was a cool time!  Well, a cold time as we hit 26 degrees Friday night… and its not even December yet!

Saturday, we did a five mile hike around this battlefield, site of the largest battle in New Jersey history, and one of George Washington’s greatest victories.  We then went back to the campsite, where the Scouts had dinner, campfires, smores, and, of course, grass flavored soda.

Why does this exist?

Sunday, we packed up, then explored the old iron town of Allaire.  Great trip!

Next month?  We venture to the far North of North Jersey at the Pallisades, where we will hunt for a castle.

Trip pictures can be found here!

Monmouth Battlefield Campout – November

Monmouth Battlefield
By Scout Scoutly

June 28, 1778, George Washington exploded in anger at his second in command, Charles Lee. This would perhaps be the Continental Army’s, fresh off a winter of intense training at Valley Forge, best chance to seriously injure the British army, who were retreating across New Jersey after occupying Philadelphia. Lee had been ordered to occupy the British while Washington brought the rest of the army up, but had retreated when pressed by the British.
Washington rallied his troop, pushed them back into battle, and won one of the biggest battles of the American War for Independence. The British army would not venture out of New York City in force for the remainder of the war.
In November, Troop 48 visited the site of this epic battle. We went through the museum to learn about the battle that day. Then, our newer Scouts led a five mile hike around the battlefield. We took lunch in an apple orchard, then raced a rainstorm to finish out the hike.
That night, the patrols had dinner, then spent the night around the campfire. Smores were the order of the evening, along with grass flavored soda.

Scarecrow Contest Presentation – November

Troop 48 is bestowed with a certificate for our fine work in the 2017 Berlin Scarecrow Contest.  Pack 48 and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel also received them.

Mad Scientist Night – November 2017

At this week’s meeting, volcanoes exploded. FOR SCIENCE!

Ryan’s Eagle Project

Ryan’s Eagle Project
By Scout Scoutly

Last month, Ryan and twenty volunteers spent Thursday of Teacher’s Convention weekend painting two buildings at Virtua Hospital.  For this Eagle Project, Ryan coordinated the painting of these two huge buildings, although a healthy amount of Scout painting was done as well.

“Did you get any paint on the building?” was overhead from several parents afterward.

The answer is that the Scouts did a fine job painting, and the buildings looked great afterwards.  Congrats to Ryan on finishing his Eagle Project, and good luck with your final push to Eagle!

Oobleck Night

Tonight, the Scouts made all sorts of goop.  Obviously, this was a very popular meeting.

Hoagie Sale Prep

Getting ready for our Fall hoagie sale!

Meanwhile, a Pack Meeting with Pack 48.

Flag Ceremony and First Aid Night

The Lions of Pack 48 visit for a flag ceremony, plus First Aid night.