Congrats to Ryan!

Congrats to Ryan on earning his Eagle Scout tonight!  Ryan currently serves as the Patrol Leader for the Moose Patrol, and was recently one of our ASPLs.  For his project, he took on a massive painting job at Virtua Hospital, which he did a great job on.  In addition to earning Eagle, Ryan also earned three Eagle palms tonight under the new rules.

Congrats Ryan, we are all very proud of you!

Tubing and Ski Trip!

-4 degrees when we pull into the parking lot?  No problem!  Troop 48 spent a cold, but supremely awesome day skiing and snow tubing at Jack Frost Mountain in the Poconos back the first weekend of January!

Thank you to Paul for doing the hard work organizing this!

A snowy weekend at the Palisades!

This weekend’s campout to Camp Alpine in the Palisades of New Jersey was a wild one!  It snowed ALL DAY Saturday.  We took a tough, snowy (and awesome) five mile hike through Palisades Interstate Park, found a castle, uncollapsed a few snow covered tents, and huddled around the fire until the embers were pretty much all out.

Proud of the nine guys on this one, no one will ever forget it!

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Oh, and we found Devil’s Tower.