On Friday, September 11, 2015, Sherveer was presented with his Eagle medal. Sherveer earned his Eagle Award back in 2014, before his 13th birthday, and received his medal in front of a crowd that included his friends, family, and fellow Scouts, including his grandmother who was visiting the United States from India.

Sherveer certainly hasn’t limited his time in Scouts to only merit badges. He’s backpacked more than 200+ miles with the Troop (including completing his first 50 miler at only 11 years old) and has recently finished the project portion of his Hornaday Project (a multi-level award, the “easiest” level of which requires another Eagle Project level project focused on conservation plus certain conservation focused merit badges). He was also recently tapped to be Assistant Senior Patrol Leader this year, and is one of the Scouts organizing next summer’s proposed ultra high adventure trip to Washington State.

Congrats again!