Candy for the Troops

Thanks to Troop 48, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic School (Berlin), and St Cecilia Catholic School (Pennsauken) for working together to help gather candy for our soldiers!  We managed to completely fill the back of my car (with the seats down!), which comes out to several hundred pounds of candy!

Good times at French Creek!

We had a great time at French Creek last weekend!  The weather was perfect, we had a great hike over to Hopewell Furnance, and the patrols went head to head in an orienteering competition.  Congrats to Eagle Patrol for having the best time on the course.  Next trip - Goshen Pond!


Yard Sale = Success!

Despite the weather, we had a very, very successful yard sale yesterday!  All in all, we cleared $1,327.75!!!!!  Big thank you to everyone who gave their time, donated items, baked baked goods, or
helped out!  Big thank you to Harold Dambly and Dambly's Garden Center for helping with transporting the leftover items at the end of the sale!

Schedule for the year is up! Pictures are up!

Our schedule for 2014-2015 is now up in the Troop calender!  Things may slide a bit as they are booked, but it looks to an exciting year!

Also, all the pictures I have from the trips this year are now up.  Take a look and get some good laughs in!

2014-2015 Leadership!

Patrol dividing went very smoothly on Wednesday, I was really impressed with how the Scouts handled themselves in creating their own patrols.  We're starting the year with three patrols - Eagle, Raven, and Beaver (unless I mixed the names up, which is possible!).

Our Senior Patrol Leader for this year is Skippy!

Our Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders are Will, Tim, and Ethan!

Our Patrol Leaders are Stephen, Chase, and Brian!

Looking forward to a GREAT year, especially with our 50th birthday coming up in three short months!

Remember to be reasearching those trip ideas now and getting them to your patrol leader!  The Patrol Leader's Council will be using that information to create the schedule at the end of this month!