Skippy teaches ITOLS

A hearty "well done" to Skippy, who finished his 50 Miler in only three days so that he could... go teach adults about Scouting! He was dropped off directly from three days on the trail (no visit home for you) to the Council Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills course, where he helped teach the adult leaders several Scout skills (including, of course, backpacking). For all reports, he did a very impressive job.

Troop 48 Backpacks all of Maryland (plus some of PA and WV)

Over Spring Break, eight Scouts and three adults hiked 50 miles on the Appalachian Trail. We started Tuesday night, hiking 1/4 mile in to the Antietam Creek Shelter in Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania.

Day 1 saw us hike 7 miles through Pennsylvania to the Maryland border, where we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line and plowed South for another 6 miles to the shelter.

Day 2 we hiked another 12 miles across Maryland.

Day 3, Troop 48 put an impressive 17 miles in on the Appalachian Trail, including the last few miles through the rain to arrive at the Ed Garvey Shelter. Skippy and Sherveer had to hike out at this point, finishing with just over 20 miles for the day, and completing their 50 Miler in just three days!

Our fourth and final day, we did our final eight miles, completing the the Appalachian Trail through Maryland and entering West Virginia. From there, we hiked less than a mile to the Appalachian Trail Conference Center, the official end of our 50 Miler. It was then a short stroll into Harpers Ferry where we devoured burgers before heading back to New Jersey. Overall, 7 of our 8 Scouts finished their 50 Miler - Skippy, Sherveer, Jason, Vinny, Tim, Stephen, and Magnus. Extra congrats to Vinny and Jason for finishing their first 50! Good job to Will also, who finished with "only" 44 miles as he had to miss our first day's hiking.

BIG thank you to Paul and Danny for being the adults on the hike, and to Ken, Bob and Suzanne, Steve, Ann, and Liz for helping coordinate the many rides to make this thing happen!

Backpacking Presentation

At the end of March, Stephen and Magnus visited their fellow Scouts in Merchantville to give a little presentation on backpacking. Our Scouts showed what gear to bring and how to pack it, and answered questions from "How heavy is your pack?" to "How do you handle pooping?" Sadly, Troop 118 had their April backpacking trip snowed out (seriously, in April), but they are all set to give it a try in June. Best of luck!

C&O Canal Bike Trip

A little rain (okay, a lot of rain) didn't keep us from enjoying 13 miles of cycling along the old C&O Canal back in March...


An official welcome to Danny, who crossed over from Pack 127 back in March! Welcome to Troop 48!

Gettysburg Trip = awesome!

Well, Troop website is back up, so lots of updates!

The trip to Gettysburg back in February was great! We toured Eisenhower's home, did a six mile hike out to Little Round Top and Devils Den, and went on a ghost tour of the town. Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip happen!

Gettysburg trip this weekend!

Friday to Sunday, February 19 to 21 - Gettysburg Campout! We'll be checking out Eisenhower's house, exploring the battlefield and Devil's Den, and hopefully doing a ghost walk (reservation pending)! Might be a hike in there somewhere as well, so bring solid footwear, water bottles, and a day pack! The weather should be beautiful this weekend! We'll meet at the shed at 5:30 on Friday, aiming to leave by 6:30. Hope to be back by lunchtime on Sunday.

New flagpole!

New flagpole at the shed! Yay!

Super Bowl Hoagie Sale

Thank you to everyone who bought, sold, or helped make hoagies for our hoagie sale! We cleared over $1,000, so it was a big success!

Food Drive

Our food drive for the Mustard Seed Food Cupboard on Super Bowl weekend went really, really well! Between the Troop donations and collections from our bag handout in Barrington, Troop 48 collected over 1,000 food items! Thank you to everyone who helped out, and especially Steve Teti for all his hard work organizing it!