Luke's Eagle Project done!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help Luke this weekend! He finished up his project, which included sanding and repainting twenty picnic tables, clearing out a volleyball court, and doing some clearing and weeding of the trails at Camp FAC in Marlton. Great job Luke!

Candy for the Troops

Thank you for everyone who brought candy in for the annual Candy for the Troops candy drive! We donated over 30 pounds of Halloween candy to the cause, thank you!

White Horse District Rocket Competition

Final details have come out for White Horse District's Rocketry Day!

What? - A rocketry competition where Scouts will build and launch their own model rocket. This is part of the larger Reach for the Stars National Rocketry Contest, and winners may qualify for a no-expense paid trip down to Florida for the national finals!

National information can be found at (not an Elton John fan site)

When?: Saturday, December 12 10 AM to 4 PM.

Where? Pine Hill Scout Reservation in Pine Hill, NJ.

Each participant will receive:
« Registration in the national competition
« A rocket kit to build and keep
« Supplies for 2 launches
« Full color Certificate of Achievement bearing Christa McAuliffe’s quote and artwork of astronaut & moonwalker, Alan Bean

Who can participate?: All registered Boy Scouts are eligible! Participating Scouts may also bring a friend (who must also register in advance).

Cost - $15 per Scout (paid to White Horse District through their website, NOT through Troop 48).

How do I register?:

Registration closes on November 20th!

Pack a lunch that day and make sure to dress warm!

Note - this is NOT a Troop activity, and none of our leaders are part of the organization or running of the event (although some may attend with their Scouts). If your Scout is interested, make sure to register him via the link provided! Any Scouts who go that day, please take pictures!

Congrats to our newest Eagle Scout- Don Shamilov!

Congrats to Don Shamilov for making Eagle Scout tonight! His project was at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, where he installed gutters and rain barrels on the pavilion. Don ends his Scouting career not only with Scouting's highest rank, but also more than 400 miles of backpacking under his belt!

And to think it all started because he brought a flyer home from school...

Congrats again!

Sherveer's Hornaday project featured on!

For those that don't know, a Hornaday Project is an Eagle Scout project level undertaking with an environmental focus that is part of trying to earn the Hornaday Award. The Hornaday Award, which is bestowed, not earned, has many different levels and requires earning several environmental merit badges in addition to the project.

Sherveer is wrapping up the last stages of his award before he applies for consideration. Fingers crossed!

Monkey Bridge

Fun trip last weekend to Goshen Pond! We had seven cubs come out to visit, who enjoyed an obstacle course, a hike around Atsion, helping to cook and lash, and a game of manhunt at night! The highlight of the weekend, though, was definitely the monkey bridge! We haven't made one of these in a while, and Skippy opted for a new design that we'd never tried, but it worked beautifully. We didn't even need to use a truck to keep the tension up! I'm sure more big lashing projects will be in the works for the future.

Lashing month comes to an end

Phoenix Patrol took home the gold last night with their chair and footrest. Good month of lashing!

Goshen Pond this weekend... monkey bridge?

Yard Sale a BIG success!

Busy day! Huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the yard sale today! We have a few bigger items that we are going to throw up on Craigslist still, but we cleared $1,001 today!

The Scouts also worked out their schedule of activities for year! I'll have these included in the next weekly e-mail, and will get them up on the website as well.

Finally, the shed and patrol shelves are super neat and organized thanks to a lot of hard work by the Scouts.

The only downside - we weren't able to get the remaining yard sale items donated to Hope Thrift today. At the moment, the plan is to load up the extra stuff on Monday (since many of the Scouts are off for Columbus Day) and take it over then. I'll shoot out an e-mail and a text when we have a time, but if anyone can spare an hour (at the most) on Monday to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Congrats to our newest Eagle Scout- Josh Siegel!

Congrats to Josh Siegel on passing his Eagle Board of Review with flying colors to become Troop 48's 116th Eagle Scout!

For those who don't know, Josh's project was a massive undertaking, as he spent eight days and 524 man hours creating a new trail at Joseph T Hale Memorial Park in Voorhees, NJ. While it took him months longer than he expected, the end result was well worth the effort! We weren't the only ones who thought so, as Josh's project was featured on the front page of the Jersey section of the Inquirer, as well as covered in the Courier-Post and the local town paper.

Congrats Josh, we're all very proud of you!

Want a patrol box quickly? Build it yourself!

Last weekend, the new Skeleton Patrol visited Tom's basement, where they put together their own patrol box. That sure beats waiting around for someone to make it for you, good job guys.