Yard Sale a BIG success!

Busy day! Huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the yard sale today! We have a few bigger items that we are going to throw up on Craigslist still, but we cleared $1,001 today!

The Scouts also worked out their schedule of activities for year! I'll have these included in the next weekly e-mail, and will get them up on the website as well.

Finally, the shed and patrol shelves are super neat and organized thanks to a lot of hard work by the Scouts.

The only downside - we weren't able to get the remaining yard sale items donated to Hope Thrift today. At the moment, the plan is to load up the extra stuff on Monday (since many of the Scouts are off for Columbus Day) and take it over then. I'll shoot out an e-mail and a text when we have a time, but if anyone can spare an hour (at the most) on Monday to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Congrats to our newest Eagle Scout- Josh Siegel!

Congrats to Josh Siegel on passing his Eagle Board of Review with flying colors to become Troop 48's 116th Eagle Scout!

For those who don't know, Josh's project was a massive undertaking, as he spent eight days and 524 man hours creating a new trail at Joseph T Hale Memorial Park in Voorhees, NJ. While it took him months longer than he expected, the end result was well worth the effort! We weren't the only ones who thought so, as Josh's project was featured on the front page of the Jersey section of the Inquirer, as well as covered in the Courier-Post and the local town paper.

Congrats Josh, we're all very proud of you!

Want a patrol box quickly? Build it yourself!

Last weekend, the new Skeleton Patrol visited Tom's basement, where they put together their own patrol box. That sure beats waiting around for someone to make it for you, good job guys.

Fun trip last weekend!

There was a good amount of confusion about this weekends trip, but it all worked out in the end. The weather was perfect and our 7 1/2 mile hike was excellent. The Scouts ended up hiking to Apple Pie Hill. There, they were invited into the top of the tower, where they learned a ton from Craig of the NJ Fire Service, who showed them the ropes. Afterward, they adventured to the ruins of an old factory out in the pine barrens, where they spent time climbing through tunnels and exploring the nooks and crannies of the above ground remains! Thanks to Paul, Paul, and Jeremy for the help with the camping trip this weekend!

Next trip? Our annual service project to help the riders at the MS 150, including cheering on and handing out supplies to the bikers on Saturday and Sunday, plus a spaghetti dinner and patrol time on the boardwalks Saturday night!

Congrats to Sherveer on receiving his Eagle award!

On Friday, September 11, 2015, Sherveer was presented with his Eagle medal. Sherveer earned his Eagle Award back in 2014, before his 13th birthday, and received his medal in front of a crowd that included his friends, family, and fellow Scouts, including his grandmother who was visiting the United States from India.

Sherveer certainly hasn't limited his time in Scouts to only merit badges. He's backpacked more than 200+ miles with the Troop (including completing his first 50 miler at only 11 years old) and has recently finished the project portion of his Hornaday Project (a multi-level award, the "easiest" level of which requires another Eagle Project level project focused on conservation plus certain conservation focused merit badges). He was also recently tapped to be Assistant Senior Patrol Leader this year, and is one of the Scouts organizing next summer's proposed ultra high adventure trip to Washington State.

Congrats again!

Don - Thanks for the help!

Don wanted to thank everyone who helped out on his Eagle Project last weekend! With nine (tall) scouts to help him, he completed his project in one day!

Merit badges are done too, on to the paperwork!

Don's Eagle Project - this Saturday. Help needed!

Don S’s Eagle Project

When: August 29-30 (Saturday and Sunday) 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Should only take Saturday).
Where: Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge- 4 Sawmill Rd, Medford, NJ 08055
My Phone Number: 856-873-7744

Tools we could use for Project:
1. Safety Glasses
2. Power drill's
3. Hack Saw
4. Crimping Tool
5. 3 Ladders

Any of the items that you could bring would be greatly appreciated.

Lunch will be served!

Thank You,
Don S

Summer Trip = Funner Trip!

Been back for a few weeks now from the summer trip, and man what a trip! Tubing in Ausable Chasm, climbing Thomas and Cat Mountains, canoeing across Lake George, paddling out to Turtle Island for the sunset, swimming in the lake (including jumping off cliffs into the water), marching around Fort Ticonderoga, blasting along the high ropes and zipline course at Adirondack Adventures, and of course, climbing Rogers Rock... I'm tired just typing it!

Pictures will be up as soon as I get them from the adults and Scouts who took them! Thanks to those who already got theirs to me (Jason)!

As always, big thank yous to Paul, Paul, Kellie, John, Tom, Jim, and Brian for spending a week on Lake George with the Troop! Thank you to Tim, Trish, Paul, Ann, , Deb, and Dr. Chugh for the behind the scenes help that made this trip happen! We'll be talking about this one for a long time!

Physicals this Wednesday night!

Reminder - This Wednesday, Dr. Chugh will be providing physicals for Scouts and Leaders who need them for the summer trip!

Please print out and fill in as much of the forms as possible before then!

Forms can be found at -

Egg Harbor River Canoe Trip

Fun, but tough day on the Little Egg Harbor River! Due to the amount of rain we've been having, the river was flowing very high and very fast, leaving trees in the middle of the river and not a lot of time to steer around them! We ended up only going 3 miles, but Ben managed to go into the water 11 times in that span! We found out later, of course, that the second half of the day was much easier. What would the fun of that have been?

Overall, an enjoyable weekend in Atlantic County that included good fires both nights, a hike down the Swamp Trail at Estell Manor, smores for Badger Patrol around the fire, and plenty of Scouts in bed early on Saturday night!

Next trip? Our week long summer trip to Lake George in New York!!!