Belleplain Campout coming!

Our February campout to Belleplain is coming up fast! We’ll be staying at the yurts there from February 20 to 22, 2015. Saturday, we’ll explore Cape May including the WWII bunker and take a hike. Bring warm clothes and bedding, it’s been frigid lately!

Cost of the trip is $45 per scout. If you pay by February 11, you’ll receive a $20 early bird discount. If you pay by February 18, you’ll receive a $10 early bird discount!

Klondike Derby and COOOOOOOLD camping!

Great Klondike this weekend, despite some very cold temperatures!
Each patrol showed what they were made of as they navigated some very
challenging events this year. While the scores were close (and 2nd
and 3rd weren’t decided until the very last event of the day), Eagle
Patrol came out on top as this year’s champion!

After the competitions were over, Troop 48 successfully survived the
coldest night of camping in all my years with the troop, as
temperatures went down to only 1 degree last night!

The leaders are all very proud of how the patrols and the individual
Scouts handled themselves this weekend.

This weekend took a ton of work behind the scenes, I have to thank
Tom, Paul, Paul, Brian, and Jeremy for the ton of extra prep work that
they did, Kavi, Kellie, Chris, Rich, Jim, Deb, and Danny for the help
out in the field, and all my Assistant Scoutmasters (previously
mentioned, plus Ken) for the help with planning the events starting
way back in October.

Klondike Derby this weekend!

This weekend! January 9 to 11 – Klondike Derby at Bodine Field out
in Chatsworth! All Scouts are expected to attend, as their friends
and patrol are counting on them for help in this competition of
Scouts’ skills, teamwork, problem solving, and guts (this is the only
“mandatory” event of the year)! Cost – $10
flat rate. Please meet at “the shed” Friday at 5:30, we will be
leaving around 6:30.

HUGE grand prize for the winning patrol – a brand new kitchen setup
with everything included!

Make sure to BE PREPARED for the cold weather – dress right for the
event any to come prepared with extra blankets, handwarmers, etc for
at night! Need some reminders or new to cold weather camping? Make
sure to read Scout Scoutly’s timely and informative article on how to
stay toasty this winter! It can be found on page 4 of December’s

Ski Trip!

The Ski/Snowboard/Tubing outing to Jack Frost on Sunday was a blast! While the 40 degree weather and heavy fog was a little strange for January in the mountains, all the skiiers looked like they’d had a great morning when I saw them at lunch. I know everyone I was with had a great time tubing (or “Weeeee choo-choo” as my little buddy called it) over with my group.

Thanks to Ann for helping coordinate everything!

Ski Trip Info for Sunday!

For Ann:

Happy New Year!

As of right now we have 23 people attending the trip. We need to have at least 15 to keep the group rate so if any one needs to drop out, please let me know ASAP. Jack Frost opens 8 AM, however the snow tubers cannot tube until 10AM. So the happy medium is that we arrive by 8:15 AM. Hopefully, we get everyone paid for and geared up and on the slopes by 9. If anyone needs a ride, we will meet at the shed at 5:45 AM. Otherwise, we will meet in the lodge at Jack Frost by 8:15 AM. The only scout so far that needs a ride is Austin which I can bring. Please let me know if anyone else needs a ride or would like to carpool.

Please bring cash. The bill is due at the time of arrival. I need to pay the bill in full to get everyone’s tickets. Attached are all of the permission forms. If you are skiing/snowboarding you need to fill out and sign the group rental form and helmet form. EVERYONE SKIING/SNOWBOARDING MUST WEAR A HELMET. For those who are snow tubing, there is also a waiver form. Please bring your forms signed. It makes processing paperwork faster and easier.

In the lodge, there is a cafeteria. However, food is expensive. You may want to pack snacks and a lunch. I will be remaining in the lodge and can “guard” all extra clothes and food.

See you Sunday!

Ski Trip is this weekend! (Snowboarding and tubing too!)

Our annual Troop 48 Ski, Snowboarding, and Tubing Trip is this Sunday!

Please let Ann Gillespie know if your Scout and/or family are attending! –

Cost for skiing or snowboarding is $39 per person plus helmet rental (everyone, Scout or adult, is required to wear a helmet if attending through the troop), which includes all day ski lift pass, equipment rental (minus helmet), and a lesson! Age restriction is 8 an up (their rule, not ours).

Tubing is $27 for a half day (3 hours) or $47 for the whole day. Abe and I will see you out there on the tubing hill!

As stated, friends and family are invited! All friends under the age of 18 must have an adult who will be responsible for them that day (does NOT have to be their parent, just someone who’ll keep track of them.) Carpools can be arranged for Scouts who would like to attend with families who do not want to attend.

Nice thank you from the MS Society

Got a package a few days ago in the mail! Nice to be appreciated! We first volunteered with the MS Society in the late 90s and have been manning a rest stop on the City to Shore Ride for more than 10 years. This year, we raised $1300 for the MS Society and contributed in the neighborhood of 500 man hours.