Some Upcoming Events

Now that our adventures at Sandy Hook have come to a close this month, we move forward towards the next events of the years.

First of foremost, this weekend, Saturday the 22st and Sunday the 23rd) is Paul’ s Eagle Scout project. He will be working on the rail road station a block away from the shed (I’m sure you’ve all seen it at some point). Everyone who is available should be in attendance to support Paul as he helps restore the station to its original gleam. This means we will be painting so please wear appropriate old clothing. This will be from 9 AM to 3 PM at the station.

Next up on the calendar is next months trip to Goshen Pond, or not really Goshen Pond, but Bodine field, but we never really change the name. The cub scouts will be attending this trip, so we will, pulling out the usual stops of rope courses, hikes, and maybe some new additions. Also, we will also be trying to deplete the copious amounts of wood stashed on the side of the shed. The trip will be from Friday the 18th of November to Sunday the 20th. If you’re planning on attending, let your patrol leader know, so they can have an accurate head count.

Yard Sale and Upcoming Year

The yard sale is upon us! This weekend, October 1st, Troop 48 will be manning the tables and selling out everything they can as our yard sale fundraiser takes place. We ask all scout to be at the shed at 6:30AM Saturday in order to setup. Also, tomorrow night, Friday, all who are available, we will be meeting at the shed at 6:30PM to sort through and to price all of the donations we have received.

The troops camping trip agenda has been laid out for the year as decided by the scouts. Some trip favorites for this year include, Sandy Hook (October), Rodney, the District Klondike Derby, and Gettysburg. For a full list of all the activities for this year please check the calendar.
PARENTS: If you are able to attend any of these trips please inform Mike McCormick. These trips can only follow through if we have enough parental support for transportation.

Summer Trip, Medical Forms, and More!

Hello all,

This next week is a busy one indeed, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Firstly, our annual summer trip, this year to the Allegheny Mountains, begins next Saturday(Friday night if you want to be technical about it). For all of those who don’t already know, there are two crews for this trip. The older scouts in the troop attending the trip will be going on a backpacking expedition on the Laurel Highlands Trail in the Allegheny Mountains from Sunday to Wednesday. Our base camp crew for the trip will be spending the week doing such activities as biking, white water rafting, visiting local attractions, and sampling the water including natural water slides, in Ohiopyle State Park where we are staying.  All those curious as to what they might need to pack you can look here for a overview (obviously the number of these items should be increased for it is only a weekend camping trip list rather than a week long trip as the summer trip is).

Another important happening these upcoming days is the annual updating of medical forms required by the BSA. These forms are used in the event that a scout must receive medical attention during a troop outing and will provide doctors with, accurate, up-to-date information about the scout. For this update, a photocopy of your scouts health insurance card (front AND back), a completed Medical Form Packet, and a physical are required. All of these are due in to the troop by July 30, 2011. In addition to scouts, parents, who are attending trips which will last longer than 3 days (ie the summer trip), a completed medical form and copy of insurance card is needed from you as well.

If your scout is in need of a physical for the summer trip, our kind Assistant Scoutmaster Dr. Raj Chugh will be giving physicals free of charge this upcoming Wednesday, July 27 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the church. Please note: these physicals are for Scouting use only. For a physical to be conducted, the scout’s parent is required to be in attendance and a waiver hold harmless agreement must be signed. Please remember: you will still need a photocopy of your scouts insurance card and filled our medical form as well.
Any question regarding medical form updates can be directed via email to Deb Sperling at

In other none medical related news, for all scouts attending the backpacking portion of our summer trip, we will be meeting at REI Tuesday, July 26th, after 6 o’clock to purchase food for the trip. Tom Ferrari, our backpacking connoisseur, will be there to assists in answer any scouts questions. All those who cannot make this meeting are required to purchase their backpacking meals on their own as well as other foods for the trip. An email should be sent out shortly outlining what foods are needed. You can direct any questions concerning this towards our scoutmaster Mike McCormick.

Steven’s Eagle Scout Project and Leaders Meeting

Attention all scouts!

This weekend, June 25th and June 26th from 9AM to 3PM is Steven’s Eagle Scout Project. All scouts are expected to be in attendance for this substantial and important event in support of Steven.


Also, next week, is a leaders meeting.
All scouts not attending the backpacking portion of the summer trip are expected and required to come with ideas in regards to what they would like to do on the summer trip.
Ideas such as hiking, biking, swimming, local attractions are good starting points.  A canoe trip has already been scheduled for you, which only leaves 4 days for you to come up with plans for.
In addition, all patrols are required to remove all food from the shed.


First off, congratulations are in order for Steven Hale who recently had his Eagle Scout Project approved. Steven, who is undertaking a very ambitious project, has his project planned for the 24th, 25th, and 26th of this month (June), and more details on that should be forth coming.

In addition, this month our Eagle Scout Court of Honor will be held on the 18th of June at Hope Methodist Church. Here we will be celebrating Aaron Kopania and Ryan Matthews’ accomplishments. Also on the calendar for this month is our annual swim day at Lake Oswego near Chatsworth. Bring your family and friends as we swim, canoe, and chow down on Saturday June, 11th.
More information on each of these events can be found on the calendar.