4th of July Parade!

July 4th, Troop 48, Pack 48, and Crew 148 marched together in the Berlin 4th of July Parade!  The Crew are parade veterans, but this was the first parade for Pack 48 and the first parade in decades for Troop 48.

It was a hot one, but we had fun!  Also, the family who set up the sprinkler are THE BEST.

Atsion Lake Day!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Atsion Lake Day!  The day was PERFECT to spend in the lake!  We went swimming, canoeing, hiking for blueberries, and generally had a great time.

Can’t forget frisbeeing!

Philadelphia Day Trip!

It was a day full of history and civics on Friday, June 29 when Troop 48 visited Philadelphia for the day!  We started with the history, as we saw the Liberty Bell first, then walked over to Carpenter’s Hall, and down to Ben Franklin’s grave.

We then beat the heat for a little while with a tour of the US Mint, before heading down to the US Federal Courthouse.  While there, we were given a tour of the now-closed post office, were shown what the US Marshalls have to do for their jobs there, and toured the Federal Bankruptcy Court, where one of the judges talked to the Scouts about how the job works.  Big thank you to Mr. Smith for organizing this tour!

We finished our day off with a tour of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were adopted.  This is always a great tour.

Overall, a nice day with a 5 1/2 mile walk!  Thank you to Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Dorrell for helping out with our adventure!

Spring Court of Honor!


Thank you to everyone who came out to our Spring Court of Honor!

We had four Scouts earn a total of nine merit badges this Spring, plus three of our Scouts advance to the next rank, and five new Scouts sign up to join Troop 48.  Not a bad three months!

Afterward, ice cream sundaes!

Wading River Canoe Trip!

We had a blast this past weekend on our canoe trip on the Wading River.  Troop 48 paddled just over 8 miles from Hawkins Bridge to Bodine Field Campground.  Amazingly, no canoes flipped, although some Scouts did fall in the water.

Big thank you to Nancy, Paul, Brian, Jessica, and Chris for help with the canoe trip this past weekend!

Fishing Night!

Last Friday, Mr. Pannu hosted Fishing Night at Acorn Hill Lake!  Most of the Scouts showed up to start Fishing Merit Badge, with a few there just for the fun of fishing.  No one caught the three foot long carp (seriously, not a fish story), but there’s always next year!

BIG thank you to Mr. Pannu and to Karanveer Pannu for hosting the Scouts!