Flag Retirement

Our flag retirement at the Berlin VFW on Memorial Day Weekend went very well.  We managed to retire scores of flags, and the Scouts who took part in the ceremony did an excellent job.  Thank you to everyone who came out to help the VFW and the Troop with this.

Extra thank you to Assistant Scoutmaster Steve Teti for organizing and running the ceremony, it went great Steve!

Flags at Berlin Cemetery

Thank you to everyone who came out to help place flags at Berlin Cemetery for Memorial Day!  We had a big crew this year, and lots of help from the Girl Scouts and other folks from around town, so the hundreds and hundreds of flags were placed in record time.

Whitewater Rafting!

So we had a freezing great time whitewater rafting for our May campout!  Despite it being 48 degrees when we got there at 11 AM, some wetsuits and some paddling (okay, a lot of paddling) kept us toasty as we rocketed down the rapids of the mighty Lehigh River.

Don’t ask about the buckets.  I certainly didn’t ask about the buckets.

SS Rafty McRaftface

Camping on the beach!

April saw us head down to Assateague Island, where we camped on the beach under the sta… clouds.  After nearly blowing away Saturday morning, Troop 48 headed down to Virginia and Chincoteague Island, where we visited Misty, climbed the lighthouse, and hiked out to find some horses in the marshes!