Pequea Campground 2008

4/18 – 4/20/08: Pequea Campground

The trip to Pequea was a great trip. Our group of 7 exited active scouts was ready to camp, and it was a beautiful weekend for camping. The whole trip was an adventure from the start, as we got lost and a two hour drive turned into four. We finally arrived at Pequea Creek Campground around 11oclock. Setting up camp wasn’t too time-consuming and we went to bed around 1 in the morning.

The next morning was fairly uneventful with a breakfast of transparent pancakes and charred sausage. Then, after making sure everyone had enough water for our 10 mile hike, we set off. The first stop on our hike was a Wind Cave, welcoming us with its natural air conditioning, after a hot walk up the hill. A little while later, we reached a scenic outlook point, called House Rock. This point overlooked Susquehanna River After another half an hour or so, we reached our turn around point and ate a lunch of PB and J or Ra man noodles. Before we could leave for our trip back, we got to experience some first aid when Mike suffered for his art and cut into his finger.  The five miles back flew by. Tired and exhausted but still happy, we swam in the river before returning to camp to finish up our trip with another pasta dinner.