Summer Trip 2008

Summer Trip: Shenandoah Mountains

Ah the summer trip, the weeklong trip where you can escape your parents and roam free. This year our troop went to the Shenandoah Mountains for seven days. On this high adventure trip we paddled 28 miles in a canoe went on a 12 mile hike and still had time to get lost. On the first day of the trip, after the four hour drive and setting up camp, our group of adventurers went to a Tractor-Truck pull. At this pull a truck or tractor had to pull block as far as it could or 350 feet which was considered a full pull. The pull was boring until trucks started to break down and fall apart. Then black smoke poured out of their engines blocking out the sun. To finish off the day we wiped up some cheese steaks for dinner.

Awaking to the smell of French toast and bacon we prepared for another day. Shortly after breakfast we packed into the cars with our destination being Skyline Drive. Skyline Drive showed the unspeakable beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After some grilled cheese at Skyline Drive we departed to Luray Caverns. In the caverns we saw Pluto’s Ghost and heard America the Beautiful on the stalagmites and stalactites. This finished our second day out in the wild.

The third day was the beginning of the overnight canoe trip. We rented canoes for the 28 mile journey and packed our gear up in the boats. The Shenandoah River had no current that first day as we paddled for what seem like an endless amount of time. We couldn’t seem to avoid the rocks that continually caught our canoe. With lunch on the side of the river and freeze dried dinner we retired for the night to begin paddling again tomorrow.

The next day of canoeing was more adventures then the first. As we trudged through the Comton rapid someone lost their paddle but it returned to him by a kind leader. A little later in the trip we reached The Ledge which was a 2 foot straight drop. After that, nothing much else happened, except we were relieved that we didn’t need to paddle anymore.

On the fifth day we were there the rain ended our plans, so we decided to go into town. This day was more like a do whatever we feel like day, so we went and saw the Dark Night, how Boy Scout like. After the movie, filled with popcorn, we headed towards the good will store, to terrorize, I mean, browse through there items. When our excursion at the store it was time for our final meal of the day, and we didn’t have to make it! The meal was pizza, and who doesn’t like pizza? With a full stomach of delicious pizza we left the town ending our do whatever you want day.

Day six, the last day of the trip before we left to return home back to our boring lives in New Jersey. It was the day of the twelve mile hike up and down the mountains. On the hike we stopped at an amazing sightseeing spot called Signal Knob. It overlooks the beautiful state of Virginia from the mountains. To end the last day, we had good old fashion tin foil meals. Then the next day we left, leaving the great National Park of the Shenandoah Mountains just as it was when we got there.