Three Days at Gettysburg
By Magnus P.

It was a cool night when we got to the shed. We were all packing up and getting ready to go to our campsite at a very famous battlefield- Gettysburg. We piled into our cars and then we headed out to our campsite….more

The drive took around 2 to 3 hours, and when we got there, it was raining for a while. We first got our patrol tarps all set up, ready to put our kitchens in. After we’ve set up our kitchens, we got our personal gear set up. We then fell asleep soon after that. The next morning was a cool one. My patrol made breakfast sandwiches for breakfast that morning. We hung around camp for a while longer; then, we got our hiking gear up and ready to go on the hike through Gettysburg Battlefield. We started after we visited the visitor center, where we learned about the battlefield’s history, and saw a bunch of guns up on display. We watched a short movie, and then we saw a huge oil painting that shows what was going on during the battle. We stayed for a bit, and then headed out to begin our 7.7 mile hike through Gettysburg Battlefield. We started walking down the path that would lead us to the battlefield.

The scenery around the path was nice, and there was a lot of stuff to see, like trees, trees, and more trees. But sadly, there were no bees (Sorry Jeremy), well, at least none that I saw. We got to an opening, which lead across a road to the entrance of the battlefield. We entered, and we were greeted by a little building and fields. Big and long fields. We came to this one monument that was big, called the Pennsylvania Monument. In one pillar, there was a stairwell that led to the balcony at the top, and that’s where we viewed some of the battlefield. It would be a lot, but there was a really thick fog there. We got down, and continued our hike. After a while of hiking, it was time for lunch. We stopped at a very small castle looking structure, on Little Round Top and that is where we were going to eat our lunch. After we were done eating, we were going to have a small game of War, but I’m not sure if the game actually happened, since I didn’t see much activity around our scouts. We packed up the remainder of our food and headed out, and continued hiking. So we continued hiking, and we got to Devil’s Den, where we hung out, jumping onto rocks and roaming around underneath of them. After a bit of doing that, we got our gear up, and we headed out, to continue our hike at Gettysburg. The view was just as nice before, only this time the trees were far away and replaced by fields, but there were also really nice looking monuments. We hiked to a spot where a small monument was erected, and where that monument was, there was a soldier who held the American Flag as a charge was made into Confederate soldiers, causing them to fall back. We kept on hiking after learning about that, where the end of the hike drew nearer and nearer. After a while, we got to the beginning of Picket’s Charge, a legendary charge in American history. We ran across the field. Stephen and I were far ahead, then we had to get back on the trail from running off course. We kept on running, and Jason soon met up with us. Stephen soon fell behind, and then after a while, I fell behind. Jason ran the rest of the charge while I slowed down to a bit of a jog. We then rested on a fence, waiting for the other scouts. When they came, we left, and we got to another monument. We rested a while longer at that one, then we continued hiking to the end of the hike. We got to the cars later, and went back to camp. While we were awake, a number of us hung out in the bathroom because of the warmth. Little Nick, Stephen and I hung out and walked around camp. We cooked dinner, which for my patrol, was seasoned grilled chicken. Then, it was time for us to sleep. So we all got comfortable in our sleeping bags, then went to sleep, and in the morning, we broke camp and headed home.