Tomorrow, SATURDAY, June 5th, Holy Communion Church is having their semi-annual yard sale. As they do each year, they need Scout muscle (help from families and alumni also welcome and appreciated) to help set up tables and move items out to the parking lot.

Holy Communion has supported us for the last 57 years and this is all they ask us in return each year is help with set up for their yard sales, so it’s very important that we have a good turn out. Help is usually needed from 6 AM to around 8:30 AM.
Thank you in advance for the help! Buying stuff from the yard sale is also great!

Unfortunately, I cannot make it tomorrow (I’ll be away for my 10th Wedding anniversary), but Nancy Agnew or Kevin Agnew (check email for their phone numbers) will be Troop leader there for the Scouts. If you have questions tomorrow or need to contact someone at the set up, please reach out to them.

Thanks in advance for the help, our Scouts and families always do a fantastic job helping with these events, and the church really appreciates it!