Our first online Troop Meeting will be tonight, Wednesday 3/25, at 7 PM.

There are two free apps that we will be using that should be downloaded ahead of time – Zoom and WhatsApp.  Zoom will be used for group meetings.  WhatsApp can be used for Scouts to work together on requirements via video calls.

We will be using the Zoom app first.  I will email out and text out (via Remind) a link to connect with the meeting on Wednesday just before our meeting starts.

Scouts are asked to please have their handbooks with them for this meeting.  It is VERY MUCH appreciated for Scout families with Scouts who are not 1st Class or above to take a photograph of their Scouts requirement pages from their handbook BEFORE the meeting and email or text me those pictures, so that I can add in what requirements have been completed on Scoutbook.  This will help our meeting run more smoothly on Wednesday.

After our opening for our meeting on Zoom, Scouts will be divided up.  Scouts who are just starting out with working on their rank advancements will be working with Mr. Murphy or myself on their beginning rank requirements in a Zoom video chat room.

Scouts who are working on their Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, or 1st Class requirements will be paired up with an older Scout to work on requirements one-on-one via video chat.