Wow, what a weekend! Friday night it dropped below the zero mark into negative temperatures, breaking the Troop’s coldest night camping out record (at least as long as I’ve been with the troop) a whole month after it was set (1 degree positive in January). Everyone enjoyed the yurts, even if they weren’t any warmer than the air outside.

Saturday, we headed down to Cape May and were treated to the bizarre sight of a frozen Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. We visited the WWII bunker, climbed Cape May Lighthouse, hunted for Cape May diamonds on sunset beach and checked out the concrete ship Atlantus. Saturday night saw some heavy snow, but everyone retreated into the yurts when it turned to rain, playing Risk and card games.

Can’t wait for next month, when we visit one of Troop 48’s all time most popular camping spots at Gettysburg! We’ll be going on a thirteen mile hike along the Union line, up Little Round Top to where the 20th Maine fought, down to Devil’s Den for some rock scrambling, down the Confederate lines, and finally retracing the steps of the Confederates at we walk (and run) Pickett’s Charge!