Hickory Run, PA – August 2004.
Appalachian Trail
50 miles in 4 days Along the Appalachian
This backpacking trip was the most physical of all my hikes. We hiked for four days along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania. We hiked with full packs. We had to carry all of our food, clothing, personal items, cooking gear, and water. We refilled out water with purified water that we pumped each day. It was a long trip. There were a lot of rocks. One part was really steep where we had to go down and a lot of people almost fell. The scenery was nice and there a lot of scenic views. The food I brought was good. My favorite meal was beef stroganoff. One day there were hundreds of mosquitoes swarming us and biting. Overall, I had a good trip. I learned how strong I am and that I can endure a lot.