For Ann:

Happy New Year!

As of right now we have 23 people attending the trip. We need to have at least 15 to keep the group rate so if any one needs to drop out, please let me know ASAP. Jack Frost opens 8 AM, however the snow tubers cannot tube until 10AM. So the happy medium is that we arrive by 8:15 AM. Hopefully, we get everyone paid for and geared up and on the slopes by 9. If anyone needs a ride, we will meet at the shed at 5:45 AM. Otherwise, we will meet in the lodge at Jack Frost by 8:15 AM. The only scout so far that needs a ride is Austin which I can bring. Please let me know if anyone else needs a ride or would like to carpool.

Please bring cash. The bill is due at the time of arrival. I need to pay the bill in full to get everyone’s tickets. Attached are all of the permission forms. If you are skiing/snowboarding you need to fill out and sign the group rental form and helmet form. EVERYONE SKIING/SNOWBOARDING MUST WEAR A HELMET. For those who are snow tubing, there is also a waiver form. Please bring your forms signed. It makes processing paperwork faster and easier.

In the lodge, there is a cafeteria. However, food is expensive. You may want to pack snacks and a lunch. I will be remaining in the lodge and can “guard” all extra clothes and food.

See you Sunday!