The 69 summer trip was supposed to be to a Lake George campground – the one we always stayed at – the name will come to me later (Editor’s Note: Rogers Rock Campground). You will see a bus in some of the pictures – we traveled in that for a year or two. Anyway since the leaders never really came out and told us -the best I can gather the campground was never
booked or something so there was a mad dash to figure out where the troop could stay. Somehow we ended up staying on the grounds at Fort Ticonderoga. It was a great trip because we would sneak into the fort at night and scare ourselves to death.

There was a bagpipe player that would occupy the fort during the day and play for the people visiting. One night either he or someone else put him up to going out in the field – which you can see in some of the pictures, below us toward lake champlain – to play the bagpipe and try to scare us. Well we didn’t scare very easy so as I remember three of us started running to catch him not seeing the cow fence made of wire. I can’t remember if it was me or one of the others but someone hit that fence waist high and flipped over the fence into a nice cowpie. Didn’t stop us though – we still ran through the field and cowpies but to no avail – he eluded us. But great memories though. The next day in the fort the bagpipe player never fessed up – but he was smiling a lot.