Busy day! Huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the yard sale today! We have a few bigger items that we are going to throw up on Craigslist still, but we cleared $1,001 today!

The Scouts also worked out their schedule of activities for year! I’ll have these included in the next weekly e-mail, and will get them up on the website as well.

Finally, the shed and patrol shelves are super neat and organized thanks to a lot of hard work by the Scouts.

The only downside – we weren’t able to get the remaining yard sale items donated to Hope Thrift today. At the moment, the plan is to load up the extra stuff on Monday (since many of the Scouts are off for Columbus Day) and take it over then. I’ll shoot out an e-mail and a text when we have a time, but if anyone can spare an hour (at the most) on Monday to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!