Steven’s Eagle Scout Project and Leaders Meeting

Attention all scouts!

This weekend, June 25th and June 26th from 9AM to 3PM is Steven’s Eagle Scout Project. All scouts are expected to be in attendance for this substantial and important event in support of Steven.


Also, next week, is a leaders meeting.
All scouts not attending the backpacking portion of the summer trip are expected and required to come with ideas in regards to what they would like to do on the summer trip.
Ideas such as hiking, biking, swimming, local attractions are good starting points.  A canoe trip has already been scheduled for you, which only leaves 4 days for you to come up with plans for.
In addition, all patrols are required to remove all food from the shed.


First off, congratulations are in order for Steven Hale who recently had his Eagle Scout Project approved. Steven, who is undertaking a very ambitious project, has his project planned for the 24th, 25th, and 26th of this month (June), and more details on that should be forth coming.

In addition, this month our Eagle Scout Court of Honor will be held on the 18th of June at Hope Methodist Church. Here we will be celebrating Aaron Kopania and Ryan Matthews’ accomplishments. Also on the calendar for this month is our annual swim day at Lake Oswego near Chatsworth. Bring your family and friends as we swim, canoe, and chow down on Saturday June, 11th.
More information on each of these events can be found on the calendar.