Great Klondike this weekend, despite some very cold temperatures!
Each patrol showed what they were made of as they navigated some very
challenging events this year. While the scores were close (and 2nd
and 3rd weren’t decided until the very last event of the day), Eagle
Patrol came out on top as this year’s champion!

After the competitions were over, Troop 48 successfully survived the
coldest night of camping in all my years with the troop, as
temperatures went down to only 1 degree last night!

The leaders are all very proud of how the patrols and the individual
Scouts handled themselves this weekend.

This weekend took a ton of work behind the scenes, I have to thank
Tom, Paul, Paul, Brian, and Jeremy for the ton of extra prep work that
they did, Kavi, Kellie, Chris, Rich, Jim, Deb, and Danny for the help
out in the field, and all my Assistant Scoutmasters (previously
mentioned, plus Ken) for the help with planning the events starting
way back in October.