This weekend! January 9 to 11 – Klondike Derby at Bodine Field out
in Chatsworth! All Scouts are expected to attend, as their friends
and patrol are counting on them for help in this competition of
Scouts’ skills, teamwork, problem solving, and guts (this is the only
“mandatory” event of the year)! Cost – $10
flat rate. Please meet at “the shed” Friday at 5:30, we will be
leaving around 6:30.

HUGE grand prize for the winning patrol – a brand new kitchen setup
with everything included!

Make sure to BE PREPARED for the cold weather – dress right for the
event any to come prepared with extra blankets, handwarmers, etc for
at night! Need some reminders or new to cold weather camping? Make
sure to read Scout Scoutly’s timely and informative article on how to
stay toasty this winter! It can be found on page 4 of December’s