This weekend, we adventured many hours north to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Blairstown, NJ!  This is always a favorite month of camping in Troop 48, because it’s the month of our annual cabin camp out!

Adventure was in the cards too, as Troop 48 scaled a mountain from camp to reach the Appalachian Trail.  After admiring the views from the top, we ventured down the legendary Appalachian Trail.  Along the way, we found more views, bear scat (sadly, no bear), and a lot of remains of old buildings and maybe campsites along the trail!  7 miles of tough hiking, so great job to everyone involved!

After a steep drop down, we circled back to the cabin.  There, the patrols had a cooking competition (winner to be announced on Wednesday!), the scrambled to get the patrol gear stored in the trailer as the snow storm hit!  They did that quickly, and we got the vehicles and trailer to the upper part of the camp (didn’t want to test an icy hill!)!

While six inches of snow fell outside overnight, the Scouts hid out in the cabin (good scheduling!) where they played Uno, Risk, paper football, and about a million different card games.

Sunday morning, we hiked up to the cars with our gear and started for home, stopping off (of course) at Hot Dog Johnnys, because Hot Dog Johnnys.

As one of the Scouts said when we pulled up, ““I think snow makes a great topping for hot dogs.”  Truer words were never spoken.

Next month – Poconos Campout and Crystal Cave!