By April, we had a handle on the whole computer thing. We took vitual Scouting to the next level – remote activities. While we couldn’t meet in person, we could help our community seperately at the same time… a trash cleanup!

The weekend of April 24 to 26th, the Scouts of Troop 48 and Pack 48 cleaned up cemeteries, sidewalks, lakes, and wooded areas in their neighborhoods for between a half hour and two hours.

“Troop 48 and Cub Scout Pack 48 – Berlin, NJ hit it out of the park this weekend with our Remote Trash Clean-up! Troop 48 had 12 Scouts (with 12 additional helpers) fan out across five towns to clean up trash for a total of 28.5 hours! Combined with the Pack, we had 21 Scouts and 23 helpers spend a total of 55 1/2 hours cleaning up trash this weekend!”