Hello all,

This next week is a busy one indeed, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Firstly, our annual summer trip, this year to the Allegheny Mountains, begins next Saturday(Friday night if you want to be technical about it). For all of those who don’t already know, there are two crews for this trip. The older scouts in the troop attending the trip will be going on a backpacking expedition on the Laurel Highlands Trail in the Allegheny Mountains from Sunday to Wednesday. Our base camp crew for the trip will be spending the week doing such activities as biking, white water rafting, visiting local attractions, and sampling the water including natural water slides, in Ohiopyle State Park where we are staying.  All those curious as to what they might need to pack you can look here for a overview (obviously the number of these items should be increased for it is only a weekend camping trip list rather than a week long trip as the summer trip is).

Another important happening these upcoming days is the annual updating of medical forms required by the BSA. These forms are used in the event that a scout must receive medical attention during a troop outing and will provide doctors with, accurate, upto-date information about the scout. For this update, a photocopy of your scouts health insurance card (front AND back), a completed Medical Form Packet, and a physical are required. All of these are due in to the troop by July 30, 2011. In addition to scouts, parents, who are attending trips which will last longer than 3 days (ie the summer trip), a completed medical form and copy of insurance card is needed from you as well.

If your scout is in need of a physical for the summer trip, our kind Assistant Scoutmaster Dr. Raj Chugh will be giving physicals free of charge this upcoming Wednesday, July 27 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the church. Please note: these physicals are for Scouting use only. For a physical to be conducted, the scout’s parent is required to be in attendance and a waiver hold harmless agreement must be signed. Please remember: you will still need a photocopy of your scouts insurance card and filled our medical form as well.
Any question regarding medical form updates can be directed via email to Deb Sperling at [email protected].

In other none medical related news, for all scouts attending the backpacking portion of our summer trip, we will be meeting at REI Tuesday, July 26th, after 6 o’clock to purchase food for the trip. Tom Ferrari, our backpacking connoisseur, will be there to assists in answer any scouts questions. All those who cannot make this meeting are required to purchase their backpacking meals on their own as well as other foods for the trip. An email should be sent out shortly outlining what foods are needed. You can direct any questions concerning this towards our scoutmaster Mike McCormick.