The yard sale is upon us! This weekend, October 1st, Troop 48 will be manning the tables and selling out everything they can as our yard sale fundraiser takes place. We ask all scout to be at the shed at 6:30AM Saturday in order to setup. Also, tomorrow night, Friday, all who are available, we will be meeting at the shed at 6:30PM to sort through and to price all of the donations we have received.

The troops camping trip agenda has been laid out for the year as decided by the scouts. Some trip favorites for this year include, Sandy Hook (October), Rodney, the District Klondike Derby, and Gettysburg. For a full list of all the activities for this year please check the calendar.
PARENTS: If you are able to attend any of these trips please inform Mike McCormick. These trips can only follow through if we have enough parental support for transportation.